November 11, 2008

A Halloween Treat

Whew, what a crazy October it was! If it seems like it's been a while since my last post (or longer than usual anyway), you're not imagining things. Several writing projects keep me busy, but a greater event has occurred ... the birth of my son!

Kai Desmond Ralph Maffei arrived at approx. 1:27 pm Halloween day, after a long labor stretch by his Mom. (Honorary medal of fortitude goes to my wife, as always!)

We are delighted with our new arrival, and he brings us much joy. Life this last week has been crazy (he came home from the hospital a week ago today) and we haven't gotten a whole lot of sleep*, but it's all good. Saturday I added to our burgeoning debt by purchasing a new Macbook laptop so I can work in the livingroom while "doing the night-shift" (watching the rascal while my wife gets some sleep). It's a new chapter in our lives. A good one.

*I made the mistake of thinking that since I'm usually up till 2 am working or watching bad horror movies, the lack of sleep wouldn't be an issue (I normally average 4 hrs of sleep per night). Well, as Ken can probably attest, watching a newborn in the wee hours ain't the same as watching cable tv!

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