March 30, 2014

R.I.P. David Trampier

It is with profound sadness I read about the death of David Trampier aka "Tramp"—an individual that, with a few other key artists such as Dave Sutherland, Caldwell, Elmore, Easley, Fields, and Parkinson, really established the look of Dungeons and Dragons.
Certainly the duo of Trampier and Sutherland, or Dis & Dat, set down the 1st Edition style that so many have come to recognize.

Trampier’s work was always my personal favorite. His iconic work that adorns the cover of the original Player’s Handbook (below) is emblematic of D&D itself to me. Surely, his unique woodcut-like style, featuring heavy ink lines and bold characters, helped define a number of Monster Manual critters for generations of players and RPG adventure writers such as myself for years to come.

Whatever the tragic circumstances that led to his mysterious and abrupt departure from fantasy illustration (which I think is well-known and need not be repeated here), be it drugs, mental illness, or simply bad feelings toward the industry, the loss of this artist will now be felt two-fold. Greater still is the tragedy, given that he was rumored to be returning to art in recent years. Wherever you are, Mr. Trampier, you enriched and inspired this gamer with your work and I’m forever thankful.

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